Learn to Sail a 46 foot catamaran on your Odyssey Expeditions Adventure, with you at the helm!

Stepping aboard a sleek yacht and casting off from the dock excites even the most seasoned of sailors, but you do not have to be an 'old salt' to share the awaiting adventures. As you and your shipmates hoist the sails, you begin to discover the potentials of both the regions we visit and ourselves. There will be few moments when you confuse your voyage with a pampered cruise ship vacation or a day at a theme park; these are real adventures where you make things happen. The responsibility and joy of active participation and doing things on your own allows you to acquire valuable lifelong skills and accomplish goals. Upon return to port you will have uncovered confidences and abilities that would give the 'old salt' a run for his money. Fill your sails!

  • General Sailing Knowledge
    • Vessel Parts
    • General Sailing Terminology
    • General Sailing Theory
    • Points of Sail
  • Navigation
    • Course Plotting
    • GPS Use
    • Hazard Recognition
  • Sailing Boat Handling Skills
    • Helmsmanship
    • Steer Upwind
    • Steer Downwind
    • Tack with Commands
    • Jibe with Commands
    • Steer by Telltales
    • Steer by Compass
  • Sail Handling
    • Grinding the Winch
    • Releasing the Winch
    • Tailing the Winch
    • Trim by Telltales
  • Power Boat Handling Skills
    • Anchoring
    • Mooring
    • Docking
  • Safety
    • Heave-to
    • Man Overboard
    • Reefing
    • Equipment Checks & VHF use
  • Seamanship Skills
    • Coil & Throw a Line
    • Knots
    • Bowline
    • Figure 8
    • Cleat Hitch
    • Clove Hitch
    • Square Knot
    • Sheet Bend
    • Slip Knot
    4600 cloud-tag
    odyssey expeditions students raising the main halyard
    odyssey expeditions shipmates at the helm of the catamaran
    odyssey expeditions students teamwork to raise the mainsail
    odyssey expeditions student shipmate at the helm
    odyssey expeditions captain and shipmates at the helm
    odyssey expeditions view of line coiled on deck
    odyssey expeditions view of shipmates at front of vessel while underway
    odyssey expeditions shipmates having fun at front of vessel
    odyssey expeditions starboard view of catamaran sailing
    odyssey expeditions students do a tack, pulling in the sheet

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