Please contact of office if you have any questions concerning the forms.

Odyssey Expeditions Releases and Medical Forms

To assist you in reviewing this packet of releases, we have compiled them into an Adobe PDF Form for your review. Due to Covid-19 and US Mail delays we have converted this packet for your e-signature. If you need to resubmit these forms, please contact our office for a new link to be emailed to you.

Download to review the file (2.4mb) and it will open in the Adobe PDF Reader.

This releases packet contains the necessary forms, medical questionnaire, and liability releases required for participation in and Odyssey Expeditions voyage.

These forms include:

  • Odyssey Expeditions:
    • Student Conduct Agreement
    • Terms of Agreement
    • Declaration of Activities and Risks
    • A releases required by the State of Florida for disclosures to parents of the risks associated in participating in adventure programs with businesseslocated in Florida.
    • The Moorings/Sunsail - Indemnification Agreement

  • Our training agency PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) required forms for:
    • SCUBA and Freediver Training Release of Liability/Assumptions of Risk
    • Continuing Education Training
    • Boat Travel, Shore Excursions and Water-sports
    • Equipment Rental and Use
    • Emergency Treatment Consent
    • Diver Medical Participant Questionnaire

Pack Your Seabag:

2-Week Discover Adventure Clothing list

3-Week Advanced Adventure Clothing list


DiveAssure Insurance Form:


This link will take you to the DiveAssure Insurance registration website. Dive Assure insurance is for diving medical and Trip Insurance. They do not cover you for diving in the USA. Please purchase the Elite Single Trip coverage..

Canadian and all International students should use the following link:
International (non US) DiveAssure Insurance registration.

A short video about dive insurance:

DAN Insurance Dive Form:


This link will take you to the Divers Alert Network Trip Insurance registration website.
Please purchase the Elite trip insurance. It has an optional 'Cancel at Any Time' componet.

Divers Alert Network World for outside the USA and our partner referral number is W341301

Open Water Diver Course Record and Referral Form:

This form is for students who are obtaining their open water classroom and pool work at another facility and need to do their open water check out dives with us.  This form is to be filled out by their instructor and brought down with the student to our program.




Forms For Our Students

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